As a technology provider, we are continually striving to push the limits in how technology can improve our own and our customer’s existing operations.  Businesses are embracing the need for a partnership with an IT provider that can understand pain points and provide solutions that make a big business difference.



The segmented nature of the CT Knowledge materials means that the content can be easily accessed, set aside, and picked up again with ease.


As best practices evolve and internal processes expand, content can be removed, updated and restructured to fit any company need.


Increases learner comprehension and knowledge retention through the use of media-rich learning materials and bite-sized content. 

3 Minute Videos

All of the videos you will find are 3 minutes or under, giving you precise and bite-sized information as you need it.

Over 100 Online Video Tutorials

Over 100 3-minute video tutorials focused on building and strengthening IT knowledge within your business.

Develop Personal Skills

There are also important bite size training videos covering Cybersecurity, Management skills, and Mental Health training.

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